135. Tackling It Head On…

Episode #135 – In this episode of the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast:

Steve and Frank Garay share great insight on this new episode of Loan Officer Leadership.

they discuss a topic that came up on The Breakfast Club, a new interactive zoom meeting run by Frank, that is open to all loan officers every Monday through Thursday at 8:30am EST. 

A loan officer who joined in on the conversation the other morning brought up the hurdle of going through a rough transaction from a “whale” that he had just built a relationship with. 

Tune in to hear Steve and Frank give a realistic and reliable process on how to tackle it head on by applying a method called VEI. What is VEI? Validate, Educate, Instruct. Listen in to learn more on how you can do this very same thing when and if this type of situation comes up in your mortgage business. 

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