134. Action Wins Over Inaction All Day Long

Episode #134 – In this episode of the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast:

The best podcast in the country for successfully structuring your mortgage business, host Steve Kyles is joined by guest, Frank Garay. 

Frank starts by telling us all about the Loan Officer Breakfast Club, a new & highly popular zoom call that happens every Monday-Thursday at 8:30am, powered by the Mortgage Marketing Animals. On this free live and interactive coaching zoom, loan officers nationwide have access to the top industry leaders and what is working for today’s business. Find out more HERE. 

Steve and Frank go on to talk about the most asked questions from loan officers that they are hearing. Making your calls and being consistent is one of the most effective answers to so many of the questions being asked. 

Listen in to this encouraging episode where Steve continues to stress that “action wins over inaction all day long.”

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