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LOLP 031: #InsanelyTactical with Mark Blundell


MAKE MONEY while you sleep! Crazy...Mark Blundell,keynote speaker @ #InsanlyTactical shares insight on the psychology of the sale and how to grow your mortgage business.  Make sure to check out Insanely Tactical, happening October 3rd, in Houston TX. Make sure to SHAREand SUBSCRIBE.

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030: 3 Strategies To Increase Lead Conversion


INCREASE your lead to application conversion! In this episode, Steveand Jojo, with LOLP, share 5 STRATEGIES that have helped them INCREASE their conversions. Strategy #1 is to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Learn how to apply strategy #1 and the last 4 strategies by listening to this episode! Make sure to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

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029: Scripts: How to LEAD, not SELL.


STOP sending out LOAN ESTIMATES and start LEADING your clients. In this episode, Steve and Jojo, with LOLP, Dive deep into LEADING and NOT SELLING. How to lead your clients, build trust quickly and do it all WITHOUT sending loan estimates. People want to be lead well. LEAD. Make sure to SHAREand SUBSCRIBE. earn trust and sell value NOT rate and fees. Learn how to effectively lead the conversation and position your self as an expert. 

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028: The Art of Delegating and getting things done!


Steve Kyles and Jojo discuss the importance of delegating well and provide practical tools for communicating tasks while keeping the WHY in mind. Make sure to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

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027: Q&A, How do I keep from losing pre-approved buyers?

 Steve Kyles (@steve_kyles)and Jojo answer a listeners question on how to keep from losing pre-appro

 Steve Kyles (@steve_kyles)and Jojo answer a listeners question on how to keep from losing pre-approved buyers. Make sure to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

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026: Local Legends with Jonathan Cook


***Bonus episode. Steve Kyles (@steve_kyles)and the LOLP teamshow up BIG on the Local Legends showwith Jonathan Cook (@iamjonathancook). The lead singer of Forever the Sickest Kids, Podcaster, @theLocal Legends Show AND successful Real Estate Mogul,leading the Jonathan Cook Team at Keller Williams. Make sure to SHAREand SUBSCRIBE.

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