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039: 3 Free Tips For A Mortgage Loan Officer - Adam Dellemonico


In the episode, Steve Kyles interviews a $42 million dollar producer Adam Dellemonico with Movement Mortgage. Adam shares what he is doing to catapult his business; STRUCTURE, REGIMENT, and DISCIPLINES.

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038: Credit Strategies for Loan Officers


In this episode, Carl Stanley with Rising Point Solutions shares strategies for bad credit situations. As Loan Originators, there are ways to help clients who are struggling with bad credit and get their scores back to a qualifying level.
1. Credit Rehab Program
2. It's not no, it's not yet.
3. Pay on time, Low balance, Keep open positive credit.
4. FICO vs. FAKO

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037: Generate More Leads Than You Can Handle


Greg Gale, a CORE Coach, shares what he is doing to generate 100+ leads and close more than 30 loans a month. Make sure to join our Facebook group: Loan Officer Leadership
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036: Make Money In Your Sleep!


In this podcast episode, Mark Blundell shares his insights of how loan officers can make money in their sleep through automation of the sales process and talks about the psychology of the sale. Clients may never directly ask you these questions, but these questions are a MUST ANSWER.
Why this?
Why me?
Why now?
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035: Stop LOSING Clients! What Steve's doing to close 34% more business


In this episode, Steve shares the exact scripts that have helped him convert 34% more business. The initial lead call and the loan consult are two steps in the process of leading, not selling. STOP LOSING CLIENTS TODAY.   Make sure to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

034: Industry Leaders Give YOU Their Insight!


This week you will hear an AUTHENTIC and RAW conversation from Kelly Rogers, Pam Eastwold, Heath Barnes, and James Beaver. In this episode, you will hear these top producers share their stories and insights on the ups and downs of this industry. Make sure to SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

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