125. Part 2 – Healthy Structure for A Successful Business

Part 2 – Healthy Structure for A Successful Business

Episode #125 – In this episode of the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast:

Have you let your business consume you? On this episode of Loan Officer Leadership, the most value packed podcast for Loan Officers today, your host Steve Kyles, is joined by mortgage industry influencer Frank Garay as they share stories of loan officers that have struggled in a consuming business leading to a breakdown of their home life. 

Listen in to hear the coaching tips they provide on how to target the areas of your business that need the focus most to lay out a clear and concise plan to structure properly. 

Learn how to remove the mindset that more success is had by working more hours and refocus on doing the correct things to make your business scalable and the processes replicable. 

In the words of Steve, “more success does not equate to more hours.”

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