346. It’s Just What I Do: Leading Beyond Feelings

Welcome to Loan Officer Leadership, your #1 podcast for Loan Officers who are looking for structure and success.

In this episode, your host, Steve Kyles dives into a powerful mindset shift: “When my mind and body say no, I tell myself it’s just what I do.”

This episode is all about encouraging leaders to take action despite their feelings, demonstrating that true leadership comes from consistent action rather than emotional motivation.

Steve explores:

● How to overcome the resistance of your mind and body
● The importance of daily actions in achieving long-term success
● Practical strategies to ensure you make the right calls and take the right steps, no matter how you feel

Leaders lead by example, showing up every day with determination and resilience.

Tune in to learn how to harness this mindset and push through challenges, reinforcing that when your mind and body say no, you can confidently respond, “It’s just what I do.”

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