Cultivating Authentic Relationships

Cultivating Authentic Relationships

Episode #123 – In this episode of the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast:

Your host Steve Kyles is joined by guest, Cody Heard, a Freedom Club member who has mastered the art of running a business that lines up with his life mission and purpose.

Cody shares with us how he built the business he has now by finally letting go of control and allowing his team to shine in areas where they excel. This leads to more productive transactions, in turn freeing up his time to nurture and focus on the relationships with agents.

When we invest time in understanding our client’s and agents’ interests, we can build upon that relationship, leading to consistent referrals. From homemade piggy banks to banana earring that represented a story to a client, you’ll hear ways you too can connect with clients and agents on a level that leaves a lasting impression.

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