128. Solid Fundamentals and Consistent Activities

Episode #128 – In this episode of the Loan Officer Leadership Podcast:

Hosted by Steve Kyles, you’ll learn about the Daily Success Plan, a strategy that is proven to work to increase loan production. 

Fundamental activities should be a routine. Steve is once again joined by Mike Cardascia, a top strategist with Mortgage Marketing Animals, as they go over the basics that map out your Monday through Thursday routine. 

Basics like this are the ones that move the needle the most. 

Let’s face it, we give more value to our clients, and quite frankly, anyone around us, if we learn to run a business with less stress, more structure, and provide a better level of expertise. 

Tune in to learn how you can start the Daily Success Plan for your business.

  • Monday – Thor’s Hammer 
  • Tuesday – Just Ask
  • Wednesday – Past Client Database 
  • Thursday – Pre-Approved and Looking

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